Jun 17, 2014

Hop Groups: where email becomes realtime collaboration


We’re thrilled to announce: Hop Groups!

We developed Hop Groups to let you create your own groups. Instantly and transparently.

In a matter of seconds, you can kick off a discussion with your friends and colleagues. Anyone with an email address can be a member of the group: no special installs, sign ups and logins. Yes, you read it right - just an email address.

Everyday, we collaborate with others. Currently, when using traditional email, it is a tedious process: you have to define the list of participants for each new discussion and make sure you didn’t miss anyone. You have to do it time again and again - even if it involves the same people you’re communicating with. And, in case one of the participants forgets to use ‘Reply all,’ the entire discussion gets broken…

Hop Groups sets you free. You select the people in your group, you name the group, and you’re done. From now on,  all members in your group will use it to communicate with one another (you can also add or remove members on the go).

We imagine groups of friends and family, business and working groups, product or project teams, fitness and sports teams, education and study groups, art and design groups, book groups, travel groups, and groups we form for special events.

Because it’s email, you can add any document, picture, video, link, and any other file you’d like to share. Hop Groups automatically generates a unique web link to every group, so those who still do not use Hop can easily experience the group timeline too.

At Hop, our mission is to reimagine email and make sure your communication with others is as instant and natural as being together.

Start your group today!

The Hop Team


Jun 10, 2014



Hop makes your email effortless and natural, just like real conversation. 

We’ve been hard at work of taking Hop to the next level and we’ve created something new, something simple yet extremely powerful, which again redefines email communication, Please join us on June 17 when we unveil the new version of Hop, with a huge surprise…

Feb 20, 2014

Drumroll please… Announcing even more of the Hop experience you love!


Today’s a big day for us!

Why? Hop’s spreading the love to the iPad and multiple accounts! That means you can now access Hop’s fast, smart and easy email experience on more devices, and use Hop with more email accounts.

Since first launching in October 2013, we’ve been listening carefully to our valued users and speaking with thousands of Hoppers across the globe to gather important feedback about what you really wanted most. Turns out, you guys wanted even more Hop. By supporting multiple accounts and devices, you can now fully transition to the new email paradigm, the only one fit for the mobile messaging generation.

Along with a new iPad app, we hope to make your Hop experience even better, by adding a few new features available today for both iPhone and iPad users. In the new version of Hop, you can now… 

  • Manage all of your email accounts from a single real-time feed, or just hop in one by one. This was the #1 most requested update across all of our users!

  • Open or send photos and documents directly to Dropbox, Evernote and Twitter.

  • Browse all shared images and documents with thumbnail preview.

  • Swipe-and-hold to archive, trash or mark messages for later.

  • Make Hop your own by customizing and controlling all the features so you can email in the way you like to most.

How do you like Hop for iPad? Let us know!

With Love,

The Hop Team

Feb 10, 2014

Good things come in pairs


After thousands of conversations (thanks to our amazing users and support team) we have been busy working on the first major upgrade to hop, and it’s awesome! so stay tuned, two major announcements are coming this month…

Jan 1, 2014

Happy Hopping 2014

It’s been a hectic two months since we launched the first version of Hop.

We wanted to thank you all for your patience, love and support. Knowing all the time that we serve such an amazing group of people kept us awake and motivated every second.

We have big plans for 2014 and we’re starting with the treats right now!

In the coming days, we’ll activate the entire queue. Once done, for the entire month of January, anyone who joins Hop will not have to wait - activation will be instant. 

This way you’ll be able to experience realtime email with all your friends.

We have a goal make 2014 the year of realtime modern email communication. We got lots of incredible feedback from our rapidly growing community and we already started implementing some great ideas.

The number one request was multiple email accounts support - people who use Hop wanted their entire email interactions the Hop way. We’re happy to share with you that soon you’re going to experience multiple accounts - the Hop way ;)

We have lots of unique goodies for 2014… keep on hopping & stay tuned! 

Dec 9, 2013

1. 2. 3. How Hop really works?

It’s been about 8 weeks now since Hop is on the App store, and we suddenly realized we never even shared the basics of how Hop really works…

1. No inbox 

OK. First step is to forget the “inbox” because Hop doesn’t have an inbox. Instead, Hop organizes all your messages by people and entities (like companies & organizations).

2. All your email messages translated into conversations

Hop automagically transforms all your emails into the natural chat format.
It brings all your messages under a single thread, where the ‘owner’ of the thread is the person, group of people or the entity (like a business) you communicate with.


It all translates into a list of people and entities of all your recent conversations - some containing messages that you already read, and some unread - based on a chronological order. So even if you archived certain messages, they would still show as part of the flow in order to maintain the conversational nature of the thread and avoid breaking it.

3. ‘Chats’ and ‘Incoming’ 

Hop sets the conversations with people you know under ‘Chat’, and the rest of the messages under ‘Incoming’. We call it ‘Chat’ because it is based only on people / entities you know and have replied to in the past.


How do we know who you know? well, when you get a message, Hop simply checks if the email address of the sender was used by you recently. If you did, Hop assumes this is a person you know.
We find this method almost obvious and very simple, and yet it is incredibly reliable.

These are really the basics of Hop. If you have any other question, please try our new FAQ page or Hop us an email

Oct 21, 2013

Honk Honk… Traffic Jam

Everybody knows that waiting isn’t fun. Waiting for Christmas, waiting in line for checkout….or waiting in the queue to get Hop. It’s frustrating for us to not be able to get all of you on board right away and the team has been working around the clock so everyone can start experiencing Hop ASAP. Here’s the thing: Hop took on a huge mission to bring a seismic shift to the way we use email. CNET deemed up email’s “hipper younger sister” and Scoble said Hop “is like a new drug, man. It’s like LSD!"  Needless to say, we have a great responsibility to amaze you.

But rest assured, the queue is place for good reasons. It is a technical necessity. A tiered roll out ensures that our servers aren’t overwhelmed by instantly beginning to process tons and tons of email data all at once. Rather than going from 0 to 60 MPH, we’re gradually admitting our 50,000+ friends in the queue so the Hop experience is seamless for each account.

The good news is that we are running a few final tune ups to ensure that our servers are fully geared to handle the huge demand and we will start opening up for all of you shortly. Bear with us a little longer — we promise that the wait will be worth your while. In the mean time, for those with access, please support us by trying out the app for a few days before rating us.

Stay awesome,

The Hop Team

Oct 17, 2013

Exciting Email is Just a Hop, Skip and Jump Away

The launch of Hop is finally upon us! You heard us right, the fresh face of “the app formerly known as Ping” is available in the App Store today!  And - with a few unforeseen delays now behind us - we really mean it this time. Though our launch date has wavered, our passion for bringing the fun and ease back to email has not. In fact, we used these few extra weeks to listen to feedback from our beta users and further improve our app to bring you what we believe is the most efficient, exciting and fun way to use email today.

From day one, Hop has been about more than just relieving email’s pain points. It’s about setting email free so it can finally flourish and be a lovable tool once again. We’re not about filtering messages into folders, Inbox Zero, archiving or, even worse, marking emails unread. Instead, Hop is about making everyday conversation simpler, and yet - more enticing. Hop eschews the ancient inbox and creates an experience that’s intimate, natural, and hopefully - worth your wait.

Want to know what makes Hop special? Here’s a quick reminder!

  • A smart, people-centric feed: Organize messages by people and groups of people, then everything else (subscriptions, newsletters, etc.) so messaging history with each person and group is in ongoing, contextual streams, like chat. Emails from the most important people and groups are in one feed so you can immediately see what matters most, while subscriptions, newsletters and marketing emails are automatically filtered into a separate workspace.

  • A playful, easy interface: Communicate in a natural, dynamic environment with rich media sharing (personal photos, Web photos, video), voice recording, video chat, doodling and the all bells and whistles that make chatting fun. By doing away with the formal, antiquated letter format, unnatural terms like “Best Regards” are no longer a part of conversations with your colleagues or friends.

  • Super real-time responses: Receive emails the exact moment they come in, seconds before you would using any native mobile email app. Users can even see when another person is typing, as you would with iMessage or chat.

  • Better notifications: Stop checking your phone every time it buzzes. Decide collectively if you like to get notification only for Chats and assign custom notification alerts for different types of messages and contacts.

  • Instant access to shared media: See all recent attachments and documents within a conversation by flipping your phone to horizontal view.

  • Snooze: Hit the Couch, Desktop or Passholder buttons to save messages for later or quick access.

  • Quick search: Find friends or conversations instantly with a universal search bar.

Your patience and support have fueled this journey, and we hope you’re as excited as we are to see how Hop will change your life. Exaggeration? You tell us, after you get Hop for yourself.

Oct 10, 2013

Public Service Announcement: The State of the App Formerly Known as Ping

Ladies and gentlemen, we come bearing good news! After a full month of having you wait and only offering vague explanations, we’re pleased to announce that we’re officially gracing the App Store with our presence in mid October. It might have seemed like we were leaving you out to dry, ignoring your calls when you thought we had a good thing going. Make no mistake — we’re still very much into you. We just had an interesting turn of events.

Things we’re going swimmingly in Ping land. We were bubbling up new ways to make email exciting, optimizing for iOS7, and overjoyed (and humbled) by the immensely positive feedback we received in response to our announcement. Then it happened: a legalese letter from everyone’s favorite golf equipment manufacturer, Karsten Manufacturing Corporation. They’re the folks behind PING golf clubs. We were surprised, and even a bit flattered, that a 60 year-old golf equipment company saw our little app as a threat to their brand. We tried getting in touch with PING to talk things over, but they didn’t respond.

imageWe see it like this: It’s kind of like when Paris Hilton tried to trademark “That’s Hot,” or when Donald Trump tried to own “You’re Fired” for use in any context in life. Ping is a common word, and it’s used in a bunch of different ways. It’s a server call for you techies out there, and a quick way to say “I’ll contact you,” among other uses. But in reality, this has all come down to a matter of how much resources and energy we want to invest into seeking justice, and how much longer we can stand making you wait.

So, as much as we love the name Ping, we’ve decided to launch a new and improved version of our app, rebranded and ready for your mobile messaging pleasure. We’re waiting on some final approvals to go through and expect the app will be ready, like, really ready, by next week.  

Sadly, we’re not the first or last startup to go up against a big company over something unexpected and seemingly trivial. But we’ve been around the block a few times, and we think it’s a cautionary tale worth sharing with other startups, so we recently sat down with PandoDaily’s Nathaniel Mott to be transparent about what really happened share what we learned.

So, mid October, who’s excited?

Sep 9, 2013

Introducing Ping, Email For the Messaging Generation…

Last week, we released a sneak peek of Ping, e-mail’s “hipper younger sister” (CNET). With tens of thousands of people already registered in the queue to get Ping, we’re humbled and more excited than ever to unleash Ping to the world and finally make email fun, instead of the tedious chore it is now.

Ping is all about making email fit to the way we’ve evolved to communicate today. There are myriad services for communicating that we love dearly - social networks, a plethora of messaging apps and even iMessage - but email, one of the strongest open communication platforms we have, is still stuck in the darks ages. It’s past time to do away with the antiquated letter format, fragmented, rigid conversations and riddled letters and folders once and for all. We are the mobile messaging, snapchatting generation, and it’s time for email to join us.

This seismic shift in email is unavoidable. Whether it will be Ping or not, the undisputable future of email lies in the demand for quick, casual and, above all, fun, conversation.

For more on Ping, check out what CNET, The Verge, Mashable, PandoDaily, TechCrunch and Gizmodo are saying, as well as our sneak peek video preview below. And don’t forget to sign up to reserve your very own Ping account at http://PingApp.com

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